LXDE configuration

2013-03-06    Filed under linux, Tags lxde

Fine tuning the LXDE desktop in Archlinux.

Download and install lubuntu-artwork package from AUR. Then select controls "Lubuntu-default", icon theme "Lubuntu", window decorations "Lubuntu-default", and font anti aliasing with subpixel (light optimization):

yaourt -S lubuntu-artwork

Change menu from main menu to /usr/share/lubuntu/images/lubuntu-logo.png.

Install Openbox config utility. Enter the utility and select Lubuntu-default for the theme. Uncheck "animate windows on minimize" in appearance tab. Activate "switch desktops when moving a window past the screen edge". Set two desktops.:

pacman -S obconf

After installing Thunderbird, add FireTray extension to have a mail notification icon in the system tray.

Add icons to application bar launcher

First it is necessary to add it as a menu entry. Search for a similar desktop launcher in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop. Copy it to .local/share/applications. Now, in the application launcher bar configuration select the application from the available menu entries.

Auto start of applications

Create a desktop file at .config/autostart.