Responsive layout and semantic grids

2013-02-27    Filed under programming, Tags css web responsive compass sass

Responsive layout is a technique to display web pages properly in all display sizes, (desktop, tablets, mobile phones,...). As the screen size goes changing, the size of fonts, layout of text, images and everything changes to adapt to the device.

Although you could write responsive CSS code directly using media queries doing so is very hard because of the different implementations of CSS in different browsers.

The best approach is to use a CSS framework that is capable of responsive layout. They make it easy to produce consistent results among browsers and with much less effort. Most of the times ...

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Ufraw with Nikon D5100 and Archlinux

2012-10-10    Filed under photography, Tags nikon ufraw

In a past post I explained how to modify the Ufraw source code to support the Nikon D5100 SLR and create a Debian package. Now I show how to create a patched custom package for Archlinux, using the ABS (Archlinux Build System).

The general procedure is well explained in the ABS, Patching in ABS and PKGBUILD Archlinux wiki pages.

First, install the ABS and build utilities:

sudo pacman -S abs
sudo pacman -S base-devel

Configure the repositories that you want to be active and your name under PACKAGER directive in the files /etc/abs.conf and /etc/makepkg.conf

Download ...

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Sharing sound across computers with PulseAudio

2012-08-22    Filed under linux, Tags linux sound

There are several good articles on how to redirect an audio stream from one computer to another or how to multicast from one computer to many of them using PulseAudio. But I found some unexpected problems when trying to make it work.

One of the applications needed to set it up is paprefs (PulseAudio preferences setup GUI). This application was working fine in one of my computers but in the other most options of the GUI were grayed out/disabled. The difference was in was in the linux distribution I run in them. The one working was Debian Testing while ...

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Ufraw support for Nikon D5100

2012-08-09    Filed under photography, Tags nikon ufraw

Ufraw is a very nice open source program to develop raw files from digital cameras. It imports a variety of camera raw file formats, in particular NEF files from Nikon cameras. But unfortunately, at current version (0.18) it doesn't support the Nikon D5100 files.

By using some web references (see below) I was able to modify the source code and compile the program myself so now it is capable of opening and converting the NEF files of this camera. It isn't difficult but I had to gather the needed information from several different web pages so I ...

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